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SPI Creative, Professional Video Production Services for Broadcast and Business

Professional Video Production

SPI-tv Media Group / SPI Creative is a full service video content production and post production boutique with extensive broadcast and professional video experience. We service local and regional broadcasters, ad agencies and corporations providing programming content of all kinds. We’ve been around for more than 20 years.

Silhouette Productions, Inc. started as a production house, but we've always provided a complete array of creative services since 1994. SPI Creative reflects the company's current direction and our multifaceted services that continue to be above and beyond just broadcast production. Click on our portfolio to view samples.

We help many of our client / partners with full vertical integration of media campaigns, marketing, design and implementation as well as production and post-production for electronic delivery and distribution of content.

From our Blog

We've got some great insight from the cutting room floor to the director's chair. Here's where you get to know a little behind the scenes news from current and past productions. We've also got a new section called proTALK. A fun new Q&A series with some of our most notable partner professionals from producers, artists, editors and more. Come back regularly and see who's talkin'.

Don't forget to visit our other social media sites where you can find additional samples of work. Follow us on Twitter @SPI_tv_Media and look for us on Vimeo and Youtube. Click on the icons in the footer below.