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“I volunteer with an animal rescue group who runs an annual campaign against giving live animals (rabbits) as Easter gifts. We had a PSA that we wanted to have shown in movie theaters this year. When we submitted details to the theater’s ad agency, we were told it was in an old technology format that they couldn’t use. A friend suggested that Rogelio might be able to help us out, and he sure did!! He knew right away what format the theater’s ad company required and was able to transfer our old PSA into a new digital format! What’s more, we were trying to get the PSA shown by the weekend before Easter, which put us in a serious time crunch. Rogelio not only met the deadline, he went the extra mile to assure they had everything they needed in spite of additional upload/tech glitches on the agency’s end! I highly recommend him for any video project. His professionalism and expertise were exceptional, and it would be a pleasure to work with him again.” July 23, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Vice President at Columbus House Rabbit Society-Terri Davenport Cook


One of our more ahem…’animated’ projects was a follow up to last year’s Home Weatherization spots for CEDA, the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County. 2001′s winter season called for a more fun approach to public service announcements. Paul Patterson, the Weatherization Public Relations Coordinator designed the mascot and we animated him in a series of spots both English and Spanish to air locally. Our very own Ryan Duff animated him in Cinema


We recently completed a series of three television spots for a local bankruptcy attorney. Here is a shot I took while shooting talent in front of our favorite lunch spot, Yindees on Addison near the Brown line. Take a look at the spots here on the Youtube page.


SPI-tv Media Group has been busy with some non-broadcast work creating 3D Renderings for the legal industry. Law firms have utilized our 3D capabilities to help illustrate accidents and other actual events based on their cases. Industrial firms have been using 3D renderings for training films and safety videos to help demonstrate workplace safety and procedure. We’ve utilized 3D renderings in many non-broadcast  applications. Ask us how we can help your project with 3D.