Video Production and Post

SPI Creative’s core business has been professional video production since 1994. Think of us as a television station without the broadcasting side. Our shop runs identical to a TV station where we produce broadcast content from :30 second or :60 second spots to longer commercial content like direct response content; the infamous infomercial that runs either on a repeated 15 minutes or a complete 28:30 program. We’ve worked with a number of various agencies and broadcast clients producing, many times from the ground up, a variety of commercial content in both English and Spanish. We also help an interested broadcaster ‘break’ into the Spanish language market by analyzing their current market strategy and designing a more culturally appropriate campaign based on their desired goals and objectives.

Our complete turnkey process includes script translations, graphics translations and reviews, plus production and talent hiring for the production.

SPI owns it’s own gear and besides having 5 edit suites running AVID Media Composer‘s NITRIS systems and Final Cut Pro HD, we can stage any number of field high definition production packages, from a 2-man crew, camera and lights, to a full multi-camera live event production in both HD or SD depending on the need and budget.