Case Studies 1: Ebay


We produced a local cable spot for an ebay drop off store near Oak Lawn. The client wanted to produce something nice on a shoestring budget. Taking that into account we utilized a stills only approach lacking a sufficient budget to organize a crew to go out and shoot, we felt that we can design a nice and simple spot without the need for live video.


Without the budget for a location shoot, we drafted up a script that featured what a drop off store’s function was. We had some old time clip-art like images and some pictures of the client’s daughter in their office. Armed with only the aforementioned stills and a customized one-word jingle plus original music that was created by Andy and Company from Mitran Mitran Music, we set out to assemble a :30 second spot that would be effective and clever.


Upon the first week’s airing of the spot throughout their immediate zone only they were inundated with new business, so much that they eventually scaled their broadcast schedule back a bit to help them catch up. The spot and new business allowed them to grow ahead of their own projections.

View the spot on YouTube here!