Case Studies 2: Cochran / Montgomery


The law firm of Cochran & Montgomery needed to update their spots. Previous spots had the late Johnnie L. Cochran of OJ fame featured prominently. Since Cochran’s death in 2005 the law firm’s partnership was still valid but they wanted to update their ad campaign. The firm’s need was to ‘re-group and re-brand’.


With a set budget and simple needs, we drafted a series of spots that described a few of the firm’s service strengths. Shot entirely on location in Chicago’s Financial District offices on LaSalle we needed to shoot without disrupting day to day activities.


We shot six 30 second spots and augmented them with six 15 second spots. We decided to shoot on a Saturday in order to accommodate a full crew plus a lighting truck and crew. To keep it within a 10 hour day we had lighting crews set up room A and B while we shot in room A with room B next, the lighting crew would set up rooms C and D. We staggered our progress saving down time and shot right through most of the day.  The spots have had a glorious run of over 2 years and have brought a certain notoriety to the law firm, enough that they say they get stopped on the streets and people mention the spots. The agency on record has aired them on Comcast and has concentrated heavy during Chicago’s versatile sporting seasons. Take a look on Vimeo below.