Our Team

James H. Demas
Director / Producer / Co-Owner

Email: jim@spi-tv.com

PROFILE: Jim has done it all and his attention to detail is astounding when it comes to production. Jim has worked in live news, shooting, editing, producing and directing. As lead supervisor and operator at one of the Midwest’s largest dupe houses, Jim took control and spearheaded the company’s editing department.

Rogelio Gazga
Director of Photography / Producer / Co-Owner

Email: rogelio@spi-tv.com

PROFILE: As co-owner, Rogelio (Ro for short) has enjoyed working on all types of projects. His extensive broadcast background includes an equally wide mix of expertise having drawn his ‘street creds’ from the Telemundo and NBC News Departments as well as DP work on Univision Network shows like Control, Despierta America, Don Francisco, and Christina. Ro has shot, edited and run live truck microwave trucks for the locals as well as networks.


Ryan Duff
3D Animator / Graphics

Email: ryan@ryanduff.com

PROFILE: A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago – BFA program, 1994 – 1997, Ryan has worked in the field of 3D and virtual space for a long time. His attention to detail and professional work ethic make him a true artist. Ryan has been a lead animator, head of interactive media and a director of animation for many of his professional years. He’s worked on corporate and broadcast projects with solid knowledge and experience in tools of the trade like Maya, Cinema 4D, Shake, Modo, After Effects to name a few. His weakness is pizza and Jägermeister.

Brian K. Read
Business Development / Account Manager

Email: brian@spi-tv.com

PROFILE: Brian began his career in radio, as an all-night rock’n’roll DJ in Peoria, Illinois.  When he auditioned for a TV-anchor gig, the producer told him that he “had the looks for radio.” Brian humbly moved to the other side of the camera where he fell in love with shooting video. He spent 18 yrs teaching the ‘next-generation’ at Columbia College and enjoys the occasional jam session where he plays a mean-ass Blues guitar in Chicago blues bands, like Smilin’ Bobby & The Hidden Charms, or exotic country-island music with The Tiki Cowboys.

Mark M. Miller
Billing Department

Email: mmiller@spi-tv.com

PROFILE: Mark’s uncanny ability to sound like all the guys in the office has gotten us in some hot water. He is in charge of making that phone call none of us wants to make. Mark’s expertise comes from working 25 years in collections.